Covering cost

All groups have been granted access to the workshop facilities at DTU Skylab and basic materials at DTU Skylab to prepare and build prototypes to bring to Folkemødet.

  • Come prepared to DTU Skylab by bringing drawings or sketches of your prototype and be clear on what you would like to use the prototype for – i.e. certain tests, user-feedback, modular to detail with user etc. The workshop staff can then advice on the choice of materials and help you get started in the workshop. Read more about the facilities, opening hours and contact here
  • Make sure to say when entering the workshops that you are part of the DTU Skylab initiative going to Folkemødet to accelerate sustainable solutions.
  • With the workshop team you can make a plan on when and how to build and create – there is run on the facilities so do not expect that you can start and complete during first visit.
  • Each group can build prototypes up to approx. 2.000 DKK at DTU Skylab – however you will be asked to argue for your choice of prototype.
  • We encourage you to plan for bringing some extra materials/prototype components that will allow you to further details or re-design your solution during Folkemødet.
  • We will not be able to provide materials during Folkemødet besides what your team brings and can carry.

We will pre-pay your transport to/from Rønne, Bornholm and your accommodation during your stay at Folkemødet.

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Customized wishes are covered and managed by you: In case you wish to travel on other dates or by other means, or live at another location with different facilities then all related cost are covered by you.

We can only cover the cost and administrate the agreed number of members from each student team. In case more wish to join we hope you can find a way to make these arrangements yourself – we can include them of course in the activities, no problem!


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Busses and ferry to/from Rønne in Bornholm is booked for all of the students (3 pr. team joining through the CBS and DTU course) and (2 pr. team joining through ARKEN)

Transport to/from Rønne to Folkemødet and your accommodation will happen with local available busses alongside other guests arriving. Read more about the local transport here and here

Each group will get the tickets to/from Folkemødet at the Kick-off event 3rd May. You will sign on behalf of your group that you have received them.


You will stay at Ungdomscampen at Folkemødet!

The youth camp has room for more than 2,000 guests and contains everything you need to attend Folkemødet – toilet and baths, a large communal area and the possibility of buying breakfast and dinner. Read more here.

We make sure there are 2 person tents pitched for you when you arrive Wednesday night. This means that in case of 3 members in the team that you will share with other student teams. We have allocated you a shared tent and it is up to manage if you wish to exchange tent with other students.

Make sure to keep the area around the tent clean from waste at all times and help to make the comkon tents clear as well.

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Meals, Transport & Insurance

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Your meals, local transport and other related expenditure will be covered by the initiative by a lump sum prepayment of 700 DKK for each of the 27 students officially invited to Folkemødet.

The transfer will be done digital after you sign up individually and you will receive the details by email.

You are responsible for your own actions at Folkemødet and not covered by any special insurance from this initiative. In case you are not already covered by an accident insurance we advise you will book for your days in Bornholm.

DTU students can sign up for an insurance through PF:

Other facilities during Folkemødet

Folkemødet is packed with people – often going from one session to another. We invite and support you in the process of using Folkemødet as a living lab, meaning you will be asked to explore, experiment, evaluate and co-create during your stay – and this will be by sessions by us but also very much by you choosing how to spend 70% of your time there in various sessions, locations etc.

Foreningen Folkemødet is giving you access to flexible working desk, WiFI, interesting people and printing possibility at the “Press House” (pressecentret i Nordlandshallen). Make sure to asign up for access to the Press House latest by 7th June (following guideline send by e-mail).

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Your feedback matters

Your experience and oppinion matter a lot to ensure we build a strong initaitve the coming years based on this first pilot!

Please spend a few minutes on Sunday to provide your individual evaluation and feedback HERE. Your answers will be anonymous.