The Proposal Bank

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Festivals like Folkemødet are seeking solutions on how to increase accessibility to host a more inclusive event where all attendees have equal opportunities to participate. The aim of this project is to develop a concept that contributes to increased inclusiveness and accessibility at Folkemødet.

The problem was investigated through user interviews with Folkemødet, Danske Handicaporganisationer, and attendees at Folkemødet, as well as desk research. On the basis of an analysis of this data the given problem statement was revised and the scope of the project was created.

Target group

The target group of the project is event organisers like Folkemødet as well as attendees at these events. The project focuses both on attendees with physical impairments and without, since accessibility related issues can affect all types of attendees. Event organisers have little or no knowledge regarding what accessibility related issues attendees experience. A solution that can target these stakeholders is therefore the main focus of the project.

The concept was developed and tested with various stakeholders within this target group.


The Proposal Bank is a digital platform consisting of two interlinked interfaces: the attendee interface and the organisational interface.

Attendees can post challenges they experience in relation to the festival as well as proposals to specific accessibility initiatives. Posts can be seen and commented by other attendees, who can also choose to upvote if they agree.

In the organisational interface, organisers can view the challenges & proposals and interact with the attendees through the comment field. This gives the organisations an overview of what can/should be changed in relation to the event. 

At Folkemødet the Proposal Bank will be promoted through an interactive game called the Treasure Hunt. Here attendees can win a prize if they find the distributed red notes around the festival. These contain accessibility challenges, which attendees might experience. During the game the attendees can post additional challenges & proposals in the app and thereby win a special prize.

Stakeholder benefits

Folkemødet and other event organisers will be users of the platform along with the attendees. With the Proposal Bank Folkemødet can gain knowledge regarding accessibility and can approach the task in an effective and structured way. This can lead to a more inclusive event, enhancing their reputation. For the attendees it is a communication channel where their concerns can be heard and acted upon.

DH could become a partner and act as consultants in the development and implementation of initiatives, as well as an ambassador who can help promote the platform. It is a tool they can use in other activities and events they participate in to raise awareness and change the standards regarding accessibility.

Cost benefit trade-off

It will require Folkemødet and other organisers to allocate resources in the form of manpower in order to make use of the platform. Furthermore, financial costs such as annual fees and marketing are also needed.

The organisers will receive a variety of benefits such as knowledge regarding accessibility, leading to a more inclusive event. The initiative of creating a communal feeling among the attendees and having a direct line of communication will increase attendee satisfaction and the festival’s reputation.

Implementation Plan

The Proposal Bank will potentially be implemented during 2020 to 2021. A beta test of the platform could be conducted at Ungdommens Folkemødet, which takes place in the fall 2020. Furthermore, data about accessibility at this event could be collected by conducting the Treasure Hunt.

Folkemødet would have the opportunity to assess the collected data to improve the accessibility at Folkemødet 2021. The aim is to have a fully functional digital platform at Folkemødet 2021 along with the Treasure Hunt.

Links for more info

The video on the right explains the project.
The prototypes of the app can be found here:

User interface
Organisation interface


The team members are Nordic design engineers, currently studying their Master’s in Design and Innovation at Denmark’s Technical University. 
The team has a multitude of competencies within the field.

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