Optimizing ressourcehandling


The Problem

Foreningen Folkemødet wishes to implement a waste sorting system that encourages participants to sort their waste properly.  

Due to the Covid-pandemic the project has been rescoped to address the festivals waste-problem in its whole. This means that the project besides designing a sorting station, also focuses on how to minimise the overall waste-production at the festival. 





Target group

Festival participants including organizers. 


The designteam has developed a catalogue with solutions for the festival to implement next year. The catalogue includes a suggestion as to how to implement the solutions at other festivals as well. A main discovery for the waste-sorting problem is that there’s no one way to do it which causes confusion. 

Focuses on how to best nudge participants to sort waste through priming.

The Drinks-card
Sustainability transparancy
The campaign
Stickers on products indication
The campaign
The campaign

Focuses on ressourcehandling in general and how to reduce waste-production by minimizing waste brought into the festival.

Rethink ressources tree
Organizers must sort their waste
Organizers must eliminate merchandise or rethink.
Only digital programs
Organizer of the year
Nearby – orientation mark
The nomination stickers

Focuses on how to design a sorting station so that participants are nudged to correct waste sorting.

The sorting stations interior
Preventing overuse of only one container
Guiding the participants and giving feedback with smileys
Design of the containers


The project undertaken as part of the bachelor project by three Design & Innovation students with supervisor Tim C. McAloone, Professor, PhD, DTU Mechanical Engineering.

Laura Olund Villumsen
Rikke Straarup
Sofie Jonsbo