Challenge & Background

As the largest employers’ association in Denmark, The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI), is at the heart of the challenge of meeting Denmark’s 2030 climate goals. DI have published a plan for how the Government should act to ensure the goals will be met, one that rivals those of several other organisations. However, few people are engaged in the debate on how these goals should be met, and what consequences proposed measures might have for the country and its people. The problem statement for this project was thus “How can participants at Folkemødet, and other events, be engaged in the issue of meeting Danish 2030 goals?“.


The final solution comprize of two concepts, an app based solution and a physical artifact. The two concepts are based around the same idea “The wind turbine of fortune” (Klimahjulet). The goal of the solutions is engaging people, in a fun way while creating awareness around DI 2030 plan. By spinning the wheel, the user will receive a randomly selected question, in one of the main categories:

  • Green transition
  • Investment in the future
  • Labour market
  • World trade
  • Growth and climate

The purpose of the Wind Turbine of Fortune, is to give people an impression on how wide the DI plan is, while making it a conversation starter.



The solution will introduce users at Folkemødet and potentially other such festivals to the 2030 climate goal. It serves as a gateway to engagement in the subject by gamification which combines challenge and reward to change behavior. Users will be provided basic knowledge about the subject enabling them to participate in the public debate about how to reach the 70 %. Hopefully the climate issues will receive attention enough to force the politicians to take the actions needed to reach the goal.


The project was developed by 6 Design & Innovation students as part of their DTU MSc. Course Holistic Design of Engineering Systems with Anja Maier, Professor and Associate Professor Josef Oehmen, DTU Management