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color code waste bins

Sustainability is an integral theme for the content of the debates and presentations at Folkemødet. However, Folkemødet is lacking sustainable approaches in context of the organizational execution of the festival itself.

Problem – what challenge are you are addressing?

Reducing the amount of waste at Folkemødet, specifically disposable tableware and similar “use and throw-away” materials.

Target group – your targeted users and/or customers?

The aim is for the guests to receive a better and much sought after move towards more sustainable solutions when buying food and beer.


1. Reusable plastic cups with refund (2020)

Tuborg’s new solution adapted by Northside, Roskilde Festival, Tinderbox and Grøn Koncert,

2. Biodegradable cutlery and tableware in all food stalls (2021)

Through a distributor, all food stalls would buy their cutlery and tableware through Folkemødets partner. Recycling this type of waste is possible at BOFA from 2021.

3. Color coding waste bins and corresponding labelling of goods (2020)

The addition of a fraction called “bio-waste” should be implemented in 2021, when recycling bio-waste becomes possible on Bornholm.
Before handing the sales object to the customer, the food stall agent adds a sticker corresponding to the type of waste.

Value propositions – what makes your concept unique?

Changing festival behaviour with user-friendly solutions, thereby increasing sustainability and reducing waste. A structural change is required, but ultimately the proposals benefit the customer and address emerging sustainability demands by the modern festival goer.

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Team members

Øyvind Hegstad   – Lise Aulnette-Turpin   – Jacob Møller – Kristian Bo Schiøler   – Jascha Viktor Monzer

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