Co-creation bewteen artist Kristoffer Ørum and students from Media, Cognition & Communication, University of Copenhagen.

Kristoffer Ørum is an interdisciplinary artist. He explores the many complex narratives of the everyday challenging existing systems of knowledge and technology. Together with a group of students from Film, Media & Communication, University of Copenhagen he made a WIFI installation for Folkemødet 2019.

ART to shed light on SDG biases.

The students have been working on the installation for the last couple of months using Ørum’s artistic approach to language, power and tech. They’ve applied discourse analysis, critical thinking and skills from within the scope of the humanities in their approach to SDG – exploring biases, inclusion and exclusion. The purpose is to shed light on the climate biases and to add a more diverse and deeper understanding of culture, values and people.


ARKEN Museum of Modern Art is located in an area with the highest concentration of ethnic minority groups in Denmark – with over 80 languages. Working with the SDG in our ART + TECH LAB diversity and inclusion is crucial. We’ve invited different perspectives and voices into the proces of analysing the language of the SDG. We’ve focused on the “170 daily actions to transform our world” – a guide to action.


The co-created art piece is public and can be seen at The Democracy Festival. Look for the WIFI-signs, go to settings > Wi-Fi, and make sure Wi-Fi is turned on.

The team and links to more info

Mia Danielsen, Stephan Henrik Gertz, Søren Peter Knudsen, Sofia Ditlefsen og Frederikke Mejdahl are studying Film, Media and Communication at Department of Media, Cognition and Comunication, University of Copenhagen.

Kristoffer Ørum

Kristoffer Ørum is an interdisciplinary artist, researcher and organiser based in Denmark – Through lectures, internet projects, exhibitions, interventions and teaching it is my goal to explore the many complex narratives of the everyday. I hope to challenge existing systems of knowledge and technology through deliberate misunderstanding and misreading of these narratives. In this effort I draw equally from abundant sources of pseudo-scientific knowledge and established critical theory in an attempt to create new associations and narratives for familiar objects and phenomena. Ranging from the complexity of the internet, or economic terms, to the labels of store bought products.

ARKEN’s ART & TECH LAB is a platform for immersive learning, creativity, art exploration, tech innovation, visual literacy and social projects.

For more info contact or +4551670214

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