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The transition of Bornholm towards circular economy

The municipality in Bornholm wants to transition towards zero waste and a circular economy. Furthermore, BOFA, the waste management company in Bornholm will shut down the incineration plant by 2032. Therefore, Bornholm needs to transition into a zero waste, circular economy.

The main challange

However, it was found that the citizens in Bornholm do not sort correctly, and waste streams are too contaminated to make a circular economy today. This is the problem we will address.

The solution

To solve this, and move towards enabling a circular economy, our recommendation will focus on two main parts; a “Community platform” for education and engagement of the community and a “Circular project of the year” as the activation of this platform.

Our recomendation is focused on the 89% of citizens who is positive to sort more. Namely the pragmatic which stands for 32%; They want to sort if they are told how to.

In that context, the platform consists of the sections; education, community engagement, partnerships and crowdsourcing.



In order to create content and drive traffic to the platform, the “Circular project of the year” will be launched at Folkemødet to engage people in the idea of circular economy.

The “Circular project of the year” is suggested as a yearly tradition and based on a wastestream with a potential for circular projectes to show the effects of useing waste as a ressource.

Waste streams with biggest potential will be connected to relevant projects on the island and done in collaboration with local companies as partners.

As a first example of a project is BYG 360°, and the idea of reusing building
materials, from abandon houses that are torn down, for new purpose. Our suggestion is to build mobile shelters, from reused building materials, for visitors, tourist and citizens to live in. This could attract (eco) tourism or potentially replace event tents or Dansk Industri’s pop-up truck.

The Impact

The Team

  • Mie Boye Rasmussen
  • Florencia Ortiz
  • Jiwon Min
  • Carolina Vergroesen
  • Jan Gade Godsk Hansen, contact: +45 29804587

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