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The coffee industry is threatened by climate change and consumers often lack information about coffee sustainability. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are necessary to raise awareness on this issue, in particular SDG 12.8:  ‘By 2030, ensure that people everywhere have the relevant information and awareness for sustainable development and lifestyles in harmony with nature’.

The task is to create an interactive activity that will engage festival participants, aged from 18 to 29 years old, at festivals such as Folkemødet or the Roskilde Festival in order to raise awareness and engage the participant in sustainable coffee and SDGs


To engage festival participants, the project has chosen to create a virtual reality video (VR) complemented by a social media contest in order to inform, engage and act.


The goal of the VR video is to attract a broad range of people within the target group by informing participants about coffee and sustainability. An additional benefit of VR is its potential to engage people by taking them to visit a coffee farm.


In order to bridge the festival participants and Peter Larsen Kaffe, visitors would be able to pin their “prayers” (Bæredygtige bønner) to a coffee tree. This provides a chance for the participants to communicate opinions and questions to Peter Larsen Kaffe.
In addition, a survey will be conducted to complement the VR video.


A call to action is implemented through a social media contest with the hashtag #BæredygtigeBønner, where the target group can provide their own contributions towards sustainability.
This allows the project to also pursue consumer engagement after the festival.

Peter Larsen Kaffe x CBS – VR



Value propositions and impact

This concept aims at closing the distance between consumers and coffee farmers at the other side of the world. It shows that coffee is mainly a smallholder industry in a need for change.

By leveraging cutting edge virtual reality technology, this project is able to entertain as well as inform visitors. The participants will also be able to leave their novel and sustainable inputs for Peter Larsen Kaffe during the festival.

Finally, to continue the engagement beyond the festival, social media contest is designed to encourage the consumer to act sustainably, also hoping to create long-lasting habits.

Links to more info

  • See the full report here


Alexandra Mogro Velasco
Benjamin Harrak-Grandmontagne
Endre Villa Elnan
Jing Wen Lai
Katrine Victoria Bondrup Bagger

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