Circle Solutions – Kaffetræet


A gamified marketing solution for Peter Larsen Kaffe at events

Testing the prototype at Verdensmålspladsen

Breakfast with a view

The problem

People are not aware about the social and environmental benefits of sustainable coffee.

Our design goal is to create awareness about sustainable coffee and SDG 12 by activating, informing and engaging consumers age 20-30 in an event setting.

The Solution

The solution Kaffetræet (The Coffee Tree) is a gamified way of creating awareness about certified coffee and its positive impacts on coffee production and consumption. It symbolizes the hard work it takes for a coffee farmer to pluck 100 beans for one cup of coffee. This information has, through testing of the prototype, proven that people get a reaction of disbelief resulting in them buying certified coffee in the future. The prototype will be a part of the Students Hack Folkemødet 2019 where the Coffee Tree will inform, engage and activate the festival goers.


The following figure shows how our solution will affect at the artefact level, the complex system and the engineering system.

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